• Can I use gasoline with 10% ethanol? [1]
  • What type of oil should be used in the hydraulic trim pump? Older units used 30 wt. engine oil or mercruiser hydraulic oil. Modern units use Dextron automatic transmission fluid. They'll run just Fine with any oil resembling ATF, up thru to about 40W....Any heavier oil,+ they labor to much on the low pressure side....
  • How do I set my idle mixture on the carb? Fully warmed up, idling in forward at the correct RPM, turn the screw in slowly until it just starts to stumble or run rough. Then back it out about 1/2 turn CCW. This should be good. If she stalls out when throttling down quickly, back it out another 1/2 turn. If it runs on at all when shut down, screw it in a little.
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