by Guy Gaspar

There are numerous procedures to winterize the engine and OD. The procedure that I use is the following:

Warm the engine on muffs and pump fresh marine bearing grease into the gimble zerk fitting at the 3:00 O'clock position on the OD w/the engine running. Next, while holding the RPMs at 1200-1500 spray fogging oil thru the carb until the exhaust starts to smoke. Stop the engine.

Pump some lube in all the OD fittings and inside the engine compartment, lube the Coupler shaft and the power steering fittings.

Change the oil and filter while the HOT water drains from the engine. Remove the OD oil vent and drain plugs and drain the OD oil. Make sure the old drain plug gaskets are removed from the OD. Install new gaskets on each screw. Pump fresh OD oil via the bottom drain screw until it flows out of the vent hole and then install the vent screw and then drain screw.

Once you have the block and manifolds drained and drain plugs replaced remove the large hose from the T'stat hsg. Lower it to drain out any water. Using the pink or other marine pre-mix antifreeze pour a gallon into the hose while holding it up and secure it.

Then remove each hose from the T'stat hsg. to the manifolds and risers and pour 1/2 gallon of antifreeze into each and reattach. Lastly, remove the water inlet hose from the T'stat hsg. on the port side and pour in a 1/2 gallon of antifreeze and secure the hose. You're set. Store the OD in the down position.

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